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Skill in Action

We are about


That keeps the Wheel of Life going

This world and us are the product of our actions. Our present today is the consequence of own acts. So not only we must choose our goals wisely but also how we go about achieving them. 

So we have chosen to contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of our world and its people by our skills, experience and abilities. 


Selfless, Dedicated, Simple

What we chase in our successes and accomplishments is ultimately personal fulfillment and happiness. But lasting fulfillment and inner joy lies not in self centeredness but in transcending it.


We have chosen to put people before us. To work with dedication. And simplify by constant improvement. 

What differentiate us

Pro Bono 

The 1/4th Rule

The Bargain

All our acts in life is to make us happy and content. We engage in variety of projects to achieve these states. 

Pro Bono

The currency of ______

All our services are free.  if you can not pay for them for any reason.

Our ambition is not   

1/4th Rule

A little for oneself and all for others

Our earning are earmarked for specific purposes.


A portion of it goes to our consultants and clients. Another is to be used exclusively towards betterment of the communities we live in. We save one portion for future security.  And only 1/4th is for personal use. 

The Bargain

It needs two to tango

Any successful relationship is a bargain well struck and performed. 

We expect from our clients 

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