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Most professionals inevitably must deal with transactional Recruiters who are in a rush to fill a position. That rush leaves them and you in a sea of frustration and uncertainty.

We believe there is a better way.

A different approach

The only rush we are in, is to do it the best.

We only work with a limited number of experienced  professionals to collaboratively plan and achieve their short and long-term career goals. And along the way, we hope to forge a relationship anchored in trust, dependability and shared success.

We begin with the basics

Ironically, in the 'People' business, the fundamental needs of human beings are often overlooked. For us, they form the foundation of impactful relationships.


Understanding people requires one to listen, empathize, share. Decades of hands-on experience cannot be laid out on a piece of paper or in a fancy test score. For us, your work is a testament of your skill..


In a world where you have about 10 seconds of a Recruiter's attention, we keep you at the center of what we do. We are for deep, impactful relationships, not a mere transaction. 


Recruiting is a collaborative effort. So the success must be shared. That is why we have uniquely rewarding monetary benefits. And we have transparent business practices.

Member's benefits

You have our complete attention

Periodic Rate Review

You do the work which makes our clients happy. We mean it, so the periodic pay rate increase. 

Better Compensation


We have earned it together, so we will share it. That means almost guaranteed boost to your net income.

Cash Bonus

At beginnings, through the journey and at the end of each project, there's a cash bonus, a token of our appreciation. 



We work to find what you need and you decide who should know about it, if at all.

Peace of Mind

Like you, we like to think of us as masters of our trade. So, if it is about finding the right project, we got your back. 

Find your next position hassle-free along with a cash bonus

Or let's just talk.

Call, Text or Email

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