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Our aim - Your success

PeopleVeda is a practical Recruiting service for Consultants and Companies.


Working with a limited group of consultants in select technology areas, we collaboratively plan and achieve their short and long-term career goals. 



We do more than pay lip-service to 'Centrality of People' mantra in any business. Our members get a cash bonus every time they start a new project/position with us. And, because they do the actual work which deliver value to our customers, they get periodic rate increases, as standard. 

For our clients, other than the almost instant access to the best and industry recommended talent(which comes standard), they have one less thing to worry about when we do a good bit of Employee/Consultant retention. Our fees are fair and we charge a friendly markup on Consultants. For us, the personal success of People we work with is paramount, be it our consultants or clients. 

Both our members and clients have opportunities to engage in grass-root community projects aimed at environment, education and rural development.

We do this work not as a mere business. It is an expression of who we are.

Come, let us talk.

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